Rich Lake Rec & Ag Society

Booking Page – Indoor Arena

The indoor riding facility is now OPEN! 


Membership Package:

First please download/save the document, enter in your details, save the document with your details entered, and email it to Payment options will be emailed back to you. During this time, we are preferring no cash payments. If you have issues please text 586-986-7953.



COVID Regulations: 

Users are encouraged to sanitize shared surfaces and sanitize their hands, i.e. door handles and railing ties must be wiped with a disinfectant wipe.

Ensure you are following COVID protocols at all times.

Please Note:

Drop-ins must attend with a person with a membership as well as fill out a waiver and also e-transfer their fees PRIOR to riding to: 

if you do not e-transfer, please contact us PRIOR to arriving and we can arrange an in-person package and fee payment. 780-201-3419.

Anyone who is using the arena must sign in and out with their name, date and time. There is a sheet posted on the bulletin board for this. 

We are now set up for auto-deposit, no password required.

FYI: Users cannot book over one another. It is up to the person who books their timeslot to invite who they want to join with them. All people must have signed a waiver and pay their fees prior to.


We currently do not have a cash box onsite. This is to prevent theft and damage to our facility.


Click Here to Book Your Time

Book an appointment with Personnel Calendar using SetMore

Your booking may take up to 24 hours to appear on the calendar. Users must book in advance.